Stock and Trading information.

First American Financial Corporation shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol FAF.

As part of a spin-off transaction, First American Financial Corporation common stock was distributed to shareholders of The First American Corporation on June 1, 2010. The First American Corporation assumed the new name CoreLogic, Inc. on that day. The shares of both companies traded on a “when-issued” basis from May 24, 2010 through June 1, 2010, and began full-fledged trading on the New York Stock Exchange on June 2, 2010; First American Financial Corporation under the ticker symbol FAF, and CoreLogic, Inc. under the ticker symbol CLGX.

As of June 1, 2010, all valid stock certficates for the company formerly known as The First American Corporation document ownership in CoreLogic (NYSE:CLGX). The shares of First American Financial Corporation which were issued on June 1, 2010 are held in book-entry form only (no certificates issued).

How to Purchase First American Financial shares.

You will need to contact a licensed stockbroker to purchase shares of First American Financial Corporation. The company also sponsors a Direct Purchase Plan (DPP) through its transfer agent EQ Shareowner Services.

Corporate Headquarters.

First American Financial Corporation
1 First American Way
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Board of Directors.

Members of First American Financial Corporation’s Board of Directors are listed in the Corporate Governance section of the Investors Relations section of the company’s website. Board governance policies can be viewed in the same location.

Tax basis for First American Financial common shares as a result of spin-off from it's former parent The First American Corporation on June 1, 2010.

On June 1, 2010, each shareholder received one share of First American Financial Corporation common stock for every share of The First American Corporation common stock held as of the close of business on the record date of May 26, 2010. Shareholders also received a cash payment in lieu of any fractional shares.

As a result of the spin-off, shareholders will need to allocate a percentage of the original tax/cost basis between First American Financial Corporation and CoreLogic Inc. (formerly The First American Corporation). A Tax-Basis Information Statement outlining one approach to allocating your tax basis based upon the closing price on the June 1, 2010, distribution date is available here.

Independent Auditors.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
2020 Main Street
Suite 400
Irvine, California 92614

Shareholder Services including Stock Certificate inquiries.

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