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Governance Highlights

Management and the Board of Directors of the First American Financial Corporation are deeply committed to providing First American's shareholders with a clear understanding of our company's corporate governance practices. As part of this commitment, First American is making available links to various documents that govern our Board of Directors and its committees, as well as codes of conduct applicable to our employees, officers, and directors.

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines describe the methods by which our Board of Directors intends to execute its responsibilities as it oversees the management and business of First American. In furtherance of this oversight, First American's Board of Directors has established an Audit Committee, a Compensation Committee, and a Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. Each of these committees is governed by a charter, which can be viewed by clicking on the committee's name on the right.

In addition, First American has established a Code of Ethics and Conduct applicable to all employees, officers and directors of the company, as well as a Code of Ethics for Chief Executive Officer and Senior Financial Officers that applies additional standards to First American's president and senior financial officers. These codes are intended to assist the company's employees and shareholders by providing transparency regarding First American's practices and policies on matters relating to corporate governance and ethics.